Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mission Terminated

Tests have now been completed on the turd camera and it will be spared afterall! Sorry, but you will not be able to witness it's destruction at this time! As for summing up the Not Ricksters Asia Trip, my final comment is as follows:

Passion! Progress via the irrational!
Zyklon sniffing/Meat processing!
Sacred has had its ass whipped by Profane!
My mission was to make contact with Sacred and re-negotiate a viable deal.
De-mystification is our duty!
Action, thought, production!
Have contacted Sacred!
A new deal has been struck!
Eagerly awaiting further instruction from Lyceum_Unit.777 (aka KKK)

Agent M over & out

Monday, April 2, 2007

Doom (revised) Moms friendly - Less Mr Angry

Well, I've lost a whole weeks worth of pictures and videos! Wayhey! Gutted! There were some real treats in there I swear!!! KKK rapping with such classics as Shanghai Cowboy - Rhinestone Ricksters plus many other gems, but all is lost! This little piece of shit camera has had the last laugh! KKK had thought to end this blog with the utter destruction of this turd camera by smashing the living crap out of it with a giant boulder, but unfortunately, it may actual be that it is the memory card, and not the actual camera itself, that is the problem, and therefore, disappointingly, we will need to wait a few more days to get back to Canada before we can determine it's fate. Stay tuned! It may have a little life left in it, or it could be the gallows!

Agent M reporting

Friday, March 30, 2007

Dancing in - The revolution will be uploaded...

Wave to your comrades!

Freedom? Let me explain.....

Oooooo...so soave cowboy

The Bund Kitsch

Hmmmm? Is this really necessary?

Taught him every trick in the book....

Who's your Pighadi Daddy now?

No sir, YOU are the caretaker. You've always been the caretaker. I ought to know: I've always been here.


Whore of the Orient, Paris of the East; city of quick riches, ill-gotten gains and fortunes lost on the tumble of dice; the domain of adventurers, swindlers, gamblers, drug runners, tycoons, missionaries, gangsters and backstreet pimps; the city that plots revolution and dances as the revolution shoots it's way into town.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No matter how messy things got, she was always there...

There are many mops to be found in the city of Beijing, but it's only once is awhile that a special mop comes your way and you find your true love! Why? Because she was bubbly, cute & sturdy, and had spirit, and most all, was there when it mattered, she was randy in bed and mopped up afterwards!

Yes, it's forbidden! Kinky I know!

The Forbidden City! I forbid you to see it because I can...

Where is the toilet?

A Blogger Blogs that's what he is.....

And Lassie? Bugger off the lasagna is mine!

Dragon Tiger Ox Deer

Funny looking mythical beast I prefer to simply call 'Chainsaw'!

Seriously, we are talking GHOSTS here man!

Cowboy redneck ghosts mind you!

Okay that's almost in focus - Piece of shit camera!

Bend it like Beckham...

Hutong! Go here! It's the best area in Beijing! Nuff said!

OK, have no fears, she is a loving Mother & he controls the world! Maybe!

No sir, YOU are the caretaker. You've always been the caretaker!

I didn't know who was worse! The Chinaman backseat driver or the Westerner bathroom pervert

Poltergeist Cowboy

Learning my lines...

800 year old tree - The oldest in Beijing

Think about that!

Lassie bugger off!

Why the long face Lassie? Well, it's because I wouldn't give her any of my Lasagna. Still, she wanted to be friends anyway, but she did vie for dominance over the sofa!

Toilet instructions